5 Apps to Help You Recycle

5 Apps to Help You Recycle

It’s hard when we live in this demanding, fast paced, high stressed society. There’s hardly enough time in the day to catch your breathe or even sit down and have a proper meal with the family. Who’s got the time to recycle, right? Stay calm and keep your head up! This article will assist you with a list of apps to help you recycle and stay on task.

No one said saving Mother Earth would be simple, easy or fun. It’s no wonder why only a staggering 34% of Americans currently recycle on a regular basis. The good news, the percentage of Americans recycling has increased dramatically from 6% in 1966 to 34% in 2015. However, the bad news. With the population at an all time high the amount of waste being created is as well. The ratio is hardly sustainable with waste almost quadrupling recycled materials worldwide. We all need to take an active green role to reverse the negative trend and give our future a fighting chance.

Research shows that recycling has become secondary to the general masses because of the lack of simple awareness, knowledge and convenience. Most people aren’t even aware of what materials can be reduced, reused or recycled. It has been proven that the multi color bin campaign had a positive result. Essentially leading to a more stimulated and motivated public to recycle and take on a more active role on an individual level. In general, we as a group want to be stimulated and motivated to execute a certain task.

Lucky for us, the techie minds around the world have developed motivating and stimulating apps that will help you recycle.

Here is a list of creative, fun, and informative apps that will help you recycle and stay in the game. And here is the website of a quality clearance company London.